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http://www.archimind.nl/archimindLOD/index.php/view/r/sadocontology1.owl:layered_patternOur logical and implementation view consists of 3 layers : A data layer , a business logic layer and a representation layer . The data layer is the layer that accommodates the gathering of data from the various project assisting tools used by Previous. The business logic layer contains the transformation of the initially gathered data to a format that is more easily accessible and analysable , which is accomplished by a set of business rules as defined by users. The representation layer contains the way of representing the results of the analysis to the users.http://www.archimind.nl/archimindLOD/index.php/view/r/sadocontology1.owl:3_logical_and_implementation_view_-_element_cataloghttp://dbpedia.org/resource/Multilayered_architecture