.--==/[ Klaas Andries de Graaf ]\==--.

Postdoctoral researcher
Knowledge Representation & Reasoning research group
Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Sciences, Faculty of Sciences
Vrije Universiteit - VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Research and projects:

I am developing SlideWiki, together with Ali Khalili, Darya Tarasowa, and many others in the SlideWiki H2020 project. I am working in the RISIS project, together with Ali Khalili and Peter van den Besselaar.

During my PhD in the IMSE research group I investigated the use of ontologies and semantic wikis to organise and retrieve knowledge in software architecture documentation.
Also see my PhD thesis, a demonstration of the ArchiMind semantic wiki, Source code of ArchiMind on Github, and a presentation on this ontology-based software architecture documentation approach during WICSA 2012.

My research interests include: Please do not hesitate to contact me ( ) about collaboration, projects, ideas, suggestions, literature, and references related to my research.


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