AK-Finder - Architectural Knowledge Finder

The AK-Finder (Architectural Knowledge Finder) tool sends queries to the SPARQL query endpoint of ArchiMind semantic wiki (see below).

The SPARQL queries retrieve architectural knowledge to support design and development activities and answer questions from an approach for architecture documentation review by the SEI.

The AK-Finder tool exemplifies retrieval of architectural knowledge as Linked Open Data.

AK-Finder can be freely adapted/reused under the GPL license to integrate the code in modelling, CASE, and IDE tools used in the software project lifecycle.

See https://github.com/kadevgraaf/AK-Finder for the source code of AK-Finder on GitHub.

ArchiMind semantic wiki is accessible at http://www.archimind.nl/archimindLOD/ and its source code can be found at https://github.com/kadevgraaf/ArchiMind.

This SPARQL query endpoint of ArchiMind is accessible at http://www.archimind.nl/archimindLOD/index.php/sparql

This work was published as Querying Software Architecture Knowledge as Linked Open DataPDF file - Klaas Andries de Graaf, Peng Liang, Antony Tang, Hans van Vliet - International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA), April 2017.

The ontology in ArchiMind semantic wiki, on which the SPARQL queries in AK-Finder are based, is depicted below: