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The SNA system is deployed inside the existing network infrastructure of the stakeholder. The diagram below shows how the SNA system integrates into this infrastructure.



The diagram is a replication of the existing infrastructure as supplied by the stakeholder. It consists of two separated diagrams: one for the headquarter site in Amsterdam and one for all non-headquarter sites. The headquarter and all other sites are connected to each other through a router and secure VPN connection.  This way all sites can access the existing production tools which are represented as ‘existing (tool) servers’ in the view. These contain the Exchange (mail), Jira / Confluence (issue tracking / wiki) and HG/LDAP (revision control / directory services) server.

All workstations can connect to these servers as they are all on the same (logical) network.


The SNA system is distributed on two servers which are connected on the same network. Therefore all workstations have access to the SNA system too. Workstations only connect directly to the application server, not to the database server.

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17 Deployment view - context diagram


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