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By request of the stakeholders, the data sources of the application need to be extensible. One of the main concerns of the stakeholders was that they like to experiment with different tools. At the moment they might use a specific tool, but if another, better tool arises, there is a large probability that they are going to experiment with it. The stakeholders indicated that they want to use the latest tools and techniques to use with their projects. If we look at the history of the company of the stakeholders, we see that they indeed switch their tools once in a while. However, they actually switch tools, and don’t add tools which they didn’t use before. To double check, we asked the stakeholders how they foresee the use of tools in the future. They indeed verified that when they introduce a new tool, it is often to replace existing tools and not to introduce a completely new tool. They also indicated that there currently isn’t a need to introduce a completely new tool into the organization.
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Extensibility of data gathering
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Extensibility of data gathering


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